Why is Reading important and why we should guide our children as early as at age four?


Do you face difficulty in getting your child to read?

Are you experiencing a hard time encouraging your child to read independently?

Reading is an important skill and yes it CAN BE cultivated. If you are worried that your child may have a difficulty in reading or is suffering from some form of reading block, why not arrange for a one to one consultation to discuss about the problems you faced in coaching your child in reading? The personal consultation session is at $65. A 15 minute discussion will be arranged before a 20 minute diagnosis session takes place. Following that a 25 minute action plan will be devised according to the findings of the diagnosis as well as from the fact finding from the discussion.

Each child is different even when it comes to siblings. A younger child may learn and pick up skills differently from his elder sibling. There are 7 learning styles as proposed by Professor Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences. As such, our coaching and parenting skills for each child should be adopting a different approach too. Come and arrange a personal discussion with our experienced reading coaches today. A simple step from you can mean a big effort in helping him or her to read!

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